Since 1813 – this statement on our wine-list sums up the long tradition of a veritable vine growers family. At the age of 24, the first Johann Peter Reinert from the neighbouring village, Ayl-Biebelhausen, married Anna Schawel, a winegrower’s daughter from Kanzem. Right in the centre of his new home village he founded a new wine-growing estate – our “Weingut” until today.











Since 1813 – this Weingut has remained in the possession of our family. Approximately every 40 years a boy was born to carry on with the family name and tradition, so that the present owner, the fifth of this line, could celebrate the 175th anniversary in 1987. The festivities on this occasion resulted in a new tradition: Our annual “Hoffest“. The last weekend in August has since been reserved to the presentation of our wines in general and our latest vintage in particular. Once every year for a whole weekend all our clients and those who may wish to become customers are given the opportunity to see and smell and taste every wine we have on offer, to obtain detailed knowledge about everything that goes on in and around our vineyards and cellars, to cultivate personal contacts and pass a few leisurely hours in the company of friends and other amateurs or connoisseurs of wine. Artists from various parts of Germany and Luxemburg contribute each year by displaying their sculptures, paintings or photographs, stimulating our spirits in their own special way. Last, but not least, local innkeepers and farmers provide specialities of the region (except wine, of course!) made of regional high quality products to guarantee a pleasant stay on our estate.



Pictures of the Hoffest 2001